Magitronic Focus FK-2001 and FK-2000 Plus

Got a pair of Magitronic Focus keyboards off of Goodwill's auction site. They appear to be NIB as they are in excellent condition and the cables were still wrapped in plastic. One of them also had plastic around the keyboard I believe. I plugged them into an old PC/AT I still have laying around as it's the only AT compatible thing I have to test them on. Both work fine.

This is the FK-2001. Pretty standard winkeyless layout with a "Big Ass Enter". Although they kept the normal sized backspace and put the |\ key to the right of shift.

The FK-2000 plus is more interesting. It has winkeys although they aren't labeled as such. But then it has an 8-way DPad. It's interesting but when I tried using it I had issues hitting the wrong keys.

Close up of the FK-200 plus DPad and the keycaps in general. They are double-shot ABS I assume but with no yellowing at all. Another reason to believe these have never been used. The keycaps are thin though. A couple of them are also front printed or dyed. Not tripple shot. Not sure what the Turbo button does.

Close up of the Alps SKCM complicated white switches. I opened up the left control key switch on both keyboard just to be sure.

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