NovelKeys Big Switch

A hack job of a case for my BIG switch from NovelKeys. I used the box it came in to mount it for now and plugged it into the mess of wires from my current prototype keyboard.

Shot of the bottom where you can see the form that the switch came it holding it in tight. The wires from the switch and LED come out the back.

I used some alligator clips to connect it for now. Since this is just a temporary thing, I didn't want to make any permanent connections. The RGB LED is also hanging out there. I pulled it from a different keyboard, connected some wires and sandwiched it between two pieces of frosted acrylic previously to use like a night light on my desk. Now it lights up and makes my big switch my nightlight.

Here's the breadboard with the Teensy controller. I have a 15x5 matrix setup here with the diodes all on the board. That way I can add/remove switches as needed for whatever layout I want to try. Just plugged in the two wires from the big switch to an open spot and update my firmware and I'm ready to go.

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